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Vanki rings, traditionally significant in South Indian weddings, are known for their unique V-shape and are often adorned with diamonds and intricate carvings of goddesses and serpents. These rings not only symbolize the tenacity of a wedded bride but are also believed to offer protection against evil. The history of Vanki rings goes back to ancient times, even predating the Vedic or Sangam period, and they were originally worn as a form of shield by princesses.


Latest Vanki Ring Designs for Women

In terms of design, Vanki rings for women are available in a variety of styles and materials. Some common variations include rose gold, gold, silver, and diamond. The styles range from everyday wear to office-appropriate and party designs. Additionally, these rings can be found in different price ranges, accommodating various budgets.


Gold Vanki Rings

Gold Vanki rings, traditional to South India, feature a unique V shape. They are known for their classic elegance and often showcase intricate designs, representing a blend of cultural significance and timeless beauty.


Rose Gold Vanki Rings

Rose Gold Vanki rings combine traditional South Indian Vanki design with the modern appeal of rose gold. These rings stand out for their warm, pinkish hue, adding a contemporary twist to a classic style.

Silver Vanki Rings

Silver Vanki rings are a stylish variant of the traditional South Indian Vanki. Known for their sleek and shiny appearance, these rings often feature detailed craftsmanship, offering a modern take on a heritage piece.

Diamond Vanki Rings

Diamond Vanki rings elevate the traditional South Indian Vanki design with the sparkle of diamonds. These rings blend the classic V shape with the luxury of diamonds, making them a symbol of elegance and sophistication.


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