The Ultimate Guide on How to Style Oxidised Jewellery

The Ultimate Guide on How to Style Oxidised Jewellery

In recent years, oxidised jewellery has become quite popular for its special and trendy style. Liked by all age of women, this oxidised silver jewellery stands out for its uniqueness and broad appeal. You can effortlessly match your oxidised jewellery with many different dresses to achieve a look that's one-of-a-kind and has an old-fashioned charm.

But before we jump into learning how to style this kind of jewellery, let's start by getting to know what exactly oxidised jewellery is and how to style these beautiful pieces with your outfits. So, let's explore the world of oxidised jewellery together.


The Oxidation Process


Oxidation, a natural process, causes metals to tarnish and alter color. Jewelers also perform chemical oxidation using silver, sulfur, and compounds, creating a black finish and a silver sulphide layer. They use different kind of alloys such as Brass, Bronze, and elements like Nickel, Gold, resulting in various jewelry finishes.




Discover the charming vintage aura of oxidised jewellery that adds a unique touch to any outfit. Here are styling tips to enhance your oxidised jewellery's appeal.


1. Contrast Pastel Outfits with Oxidised Jewellery


Enhance your fashion game by mastering the art of contrast with pastel outfits and captivating oxidised jewellery. The gentle allure of pastels combined with the vintage charm of oxidised jewellery creates a visual symphony that's hard to ignore. As you weave your wardrobe magic, don't miss the opportunity to style your oxidised jewellery in a way that breathes life into your ensembles.

Oxidised Jewellery with Pastel Saree

Pair a soft mint dress with a statement oxidised necklace featuring intricate designs, effortlessly blending elegance and edginess. Add a touch of charm to a powder pink ensemble with oxidised bangles that exude a vintage vibe. Let a pair of oxidised earrings be the finishing touch to your light lavender outfit, providing a captivating contrast.


2. Add Bohemian Charm to Your Style

 Add Bohemian Charm to Your Style with Oxidised Jewellery

Embrace the boho-chic aesthetic through the art of layering, combining oxidised jewellery in the form of necklaces, oxidised chokers, and bracelets. This Boho style creates a dynamic and free-spirited outfit that mirrors your unique qualities.

Complement the necklace layers with an array of oxidised bangles and bracelets on your wrists, creating a harmonious visual symphony. Complete the ensemble with a pair of intricate oxidised earrings that sway gently, capturing the essence of bohemian movement.

Wearing layered oxidised jewelry brings vintage charm and artistry to your boho-chic style, showcasing eclectic elegance.


3. Modern Minimal Look

Modern Minimal Look with Oxidised Jewellery 

To rock a minimal look using oxidised jewellery, go for simple and sleek pieces that match your outfit. Keep it light by wearing one or a few pieces at a time. Pick modern and basic designs to stay trendy. Remember, less is more – let the oxidised jewellery add a cool touch without overdoing it. So, choose wisely and enjoy the chic minimalistic vibe.


4. Oxidised Jewellery with Traditional Lehenga Choli

 Oxidised Jewellery with Traditional Chaniya Choli

Add a special touch to your Gujarati chaniya choli outfit with pretty oxidised jewelry. Match the lively colors and fine designs of your clothes with the right oxidised pieces. Wear eye-catching earrings that go with your choli's neckline, and choose detailed bangles that match the outfit. A slim oxidised waist belt can give your waist a nice look. This mix of modern style and traditional Gujarati fashion will make you look charming and full of culture.


5. Modernize Everyday Casuals

 Modern Everyday Casual outfit with oxidised Jewellery

Make your everyday clothes look more special by wearing oxidised jewellery. Choose simple and pretty oxidised earrings or a delicate necklace. This jewelry adds a lovely touch to your appearance, making you more elegant and noticeable. It doesn't matter if you're getting ready for work or just having fun – wearing oxidised jewellery adds a bit of beauty and goes well with what you're wearing. So, enjoy looking nice and feeling good in your everyday clothes with the help of oxidised jewellery.


6. Rings and Bangles: Makes a Bold Fashion Statement

 Oxidised Rings and Bangles Combo

Choose daring oxidised rings and chunky bangles to create a compelling statement, capturing attention towards your hands and infusing an exclusive charm into your entire appearance.

Start by wearing a plain-colored top and jeans. Pick oxidised bangles that match your outfit's colors, like deep blues, blacks, or natural shades. Put these bangles on one wrist for a stylish touch.On your other hand, wear a couple of matching oxidised rings. Go for rings with similar designs to keep a cohesive look. Wear them on different fingers for variety. This mix of bangles and rings adds a boho-chic feel to your look, highlighting the charm of oxidised jewelry.


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